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Look for this Fresh Picked Home Grown symbol to be assured of the freshest produce direct from our farms.  When you see the FPHG symbol on signs for produce in our Farm Markets this means that they taste better than anything you can buy in the grocery store.

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Fresh Picked Home Grown 


FPHG might be new, but we've already achieved a lot for McHenry County, Illinois  agriculture and agritourism as individual farms that have been producing superior products for many years.


Now, we're working hard to make it easy to shop for fresh picked home grown fruit, vegetables and value-added food products with our distinctive FPHG logo. Look for the "Fresh Picked Home Grown" farmers at our farm markets. If you want great quality and superb taste, contact any one of the Fresh Picked Home Grown farms to get the very best in locally grown fruit and vegetables.


Why buy local?


Which is better - a blueberry picked this morning, or a berry picked a week ago, thousands of miles away?


Most of us would agree that the fresher berry is the better choice, for taste, quality, and nutrition. And that's not all. Supporting local farmers helps the local area become agriculturally self-sufficient, capable of providing food to the local area in any circumstances, regardless of weather, transportation, or other emergencies. And we believe that "closer is better" - only McHenry County foods give you all the goodness of the county's rich soil.


Food that's grown locally has benefits that go right to the heart of your health and wellness - and to the economic strength of your community. You're not just supporting local farmers, you may be supporting your own job and those of your family and friends. Everybody wins!



To learn what we grow and where to buy our products' visit each of our farms and see the diversity and distinction each farm has to offer you and your family.

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Fresh Picked Home Grown fruit and vegetables are simply the freshest. Unlike store produce, our Fresh Picked Home Grown vegetables are picked at their peak ripeness each morning. We rush our top-quality fruit and vegetables to our market immediately to assure you are getting the freshest, most flavorful, and delicious fruit and vegetables available.  From our farms to you, we nurture our products to give you the very best. The longest distance they have to travel is measured in a few feet from the fields to a few miles from Fresh Picked Home Grown farms to our farm markets, not miles across the country. When you see the FPHG symbol on signs for produce in our farm markets this means that they taste better than anything you can buy in the grocery store. Anyone who has plucked a ripe, sun-warmed tomato or crisp sugar snap pea and promptly eaten it while standing in their garden knows what a taste difference there really is. The freshest vegetables are also the most nutritious. They are picked ripe with their full complement of vitamins.


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